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February 16, 2018: The Kantz Journal video trailer. Enjoy it and send it out to your family, friends and fans!



December 14, 2018
Very honored to be interviewed by the Winter Haven Sun senior editor, Jeff Roslow. Read the article: http://yoursun.com/…/winterhave…/13802825-699/story.html.csp


By Seth on October 22, 2017
I really enjoyed the elements of mystery and suspense which were introduced early and brought to fruition midway thru the book! I particularly enjoyed the twist towards the end, but I'll let you read it yourself to find out what that was. My favorite characters were Eli and Carter, and both were developed quite well. I would suggest this book to anyone who enjoys mysteries!
By JILL on October 21, 2017
Not one to just pick up a book to read, a friend recommended this book to me. After reading the first few pages, I was hooked! A wonderful story involving genetics, history and intrigue, Dr Christie does a masterful job of explaining the intricacies of the story, all the while keeping the reader enthralled. I can't wait to see the movie, as this story would make a wonderful one.
By Jim Wilson on October 20, 2017
If this book was not listed as fiction, I would find it easy to believe it was a true story. The story line is very realistic, and the plot grips. It is an exciting read.


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