Welcome from Dr. Douglas Christie
Welcome from Dr. Douglas Christie

Have you ever wondered what impact a new medical or scientific discovery could have on the world? Your community? Your family?


Meet Robert Finney and his son, Connor. Robert is struck down by a fatal heart attack, the latest in a long line of Finney men who suffered the same fate. Does sixteen-year-old Connor harbor this killer in his DNA?

Meet Geoff Carter, a graduate student determined to launch his scientific career by uncovering the cure for this devastating family trait—the existence of which was first hinted at more than half a century ago in the journal of a Nazi physician stationed in Auschwitz during WWII.

Meet the international players who are aggressively pursuing the journal for its historic and financial value and will stop at nothing to acquire it.


Welcome to The Kantz Journal—a tale of two entirely different scientific approaches that, if merged, could reveal the most lethal genetic killer ever known.

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